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CEBIG is the business and investment group covering wide portfolio of business activities. Our strength lies in the complexity of activities and access to opportunities.

We helped implement projects worth more than a billion euros together with our partners.  We see the future in smart investments into our key areas of interests and supporting innovative people and projects sharing our point of view.

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iq hub accelerator

IQ hub is the hub and accelerator of ideas, projects and start-ups of CEBIG.

IQ hub integrates our activities into one vision – innovation and development. We associate the best developers and experts into the business think tank that works on ideas, projects and start-ups of our partners. We also involve young people with enthusiasm and help them find a way to their realisation, development and success.



  • Futbalito
  • IQhub
  • BIC Brno
  • 4Progress
  • Call centrum Kolibřík
  • Eurovision
  • AIME

Why you Should choose us

Business skills and synergy

We have the real experiences and knowledge of market. And finally we can engage the new ideas to synergy with our current projects and customers.

Friendly Expert Support

There are many experts, mentors and project managers ready to give a helping hand and work together on meaningful projects and startups.

We love what we do

They say we are too serious and strict in our own projects. That's true. Besides, we are excited and can think outside the box.


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Latest From Our Blog

  • 2016
  • 19 Sep

    CEBIG invests in aviation...

    We are proud to announce the new technology project in aviation industry. We are co-founders of the company NG Aviation SE, currently one of the most interesting european aviation startup. NG Aviation is focusing on the development of unique software and service solutions according to the new ICAO and EASA requirements for aviation stakeholders (airports, air… Read more

  • 10 Feb

    World Minifootball Federation and CEBIG joint-venture…

    Everything started with the Futbalito story. We invested and develop the global tool and social network for world mini football community.... Currently CEBIG and WMF are establishing join-venture company placed at Malta, to be one subject of global IT and marketing operations in the mini football world. FUTBALITO is the first global startup joint-venture project… Read more

  • 2015
  • 07 Dec

    Keiretsu Forum Prague - Startup investment…

    As a new member of European subsidiary of Keiretsu Forum we participated on the first startup investment screening in Prague with many interesting projects. Also some of our projects will be presented in screenings of Keiretsu Forum China to big e-commerce angel investors. Keiretsu Forum is a global investment community of accredited private equity angel… Read more

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