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CEBIG invests in aviation…

CEBIG invests in aviation…

We are proud to announce the new technology project in aviation industry. We are co-founders of the company NG Aviation SE, currently one of the most interesting european aviation startup. NG Aviation is focusing on the development of unique software and service solutions according to the new ICAO and EASA requirements for aviation stakeholders (airports, air navigation service provider, airlines) with the aim to ensure and improve safety in aviation. More at

World Minifootball Federation and CEBIG joint-venture partnership.


World Minifootball Federation and CEBIG joint-venture partnership.

Everything started with the Futbalito story. We invested and develop the global tool and social network for world mini football community….

Currently CEBIG and WMF are establishing join-venture company placed at Malta, to be one subject of global IT and marketing operations in the mini football world.

FUTBALITO is the first global startup joint-venture project about the sport of its kind !

What is futbalito? Powerfull sport management tool. Minifootball social network, digital view of hobby, fan zone with many benefits. For everyone. At one place. In one word.

Futbalito is e-comerce friendly designed to be a strong marketing and sales platform with a internal support of marketplace, advertising and gamification systems.

Minifootball is the second most played sport after football in the world, as shown by the number of players, an ever-growing mass sport. It is a matter of passion. Futbalito has a clear vision to cover all leagues and championships all around the world.

The World Minifootball Federation (WMF) is not a member of FIFA. It was founded in 2003 and re- registered in 2007 and 2013, when it moved its base to Birmingham in England. Today The World Federation covers a total of four continents – Europe, Asia, South America and North America. The joining of the last continent – Australia is under negotiation.

Internet portal of The World Minifootball Federation:

More about futbalito:

Keiretsu Forum Prague – Startup investment screening

Keiretsu Forum Prague – Startup investment screening

As a new member of European subsidiary of Keiretsu Forum we participated on the first startup investment screening in Prague with many interesting projects.

Also some of our projects will be presented in screenings of Keiretsu Forum China to big e-commerce angel investors.

Keiretsu Forum is a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors. Keiretsu Forum was founded in the San Francisco East Bay in California in 2000 by Randy Williams. We are a worldwide network of capital, resources and deal flow with 41 chapters on 3 continents. Keiretsu Forum members invest in high-quality, diverse investment opportunities. Our community is strengthened through its involvement in social and charitable activities.